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At Need Funeral Financing Programs

At-Need Funeral Financing option

At Need Financing

East Bridge Funding created Sunstone Acceptance to serve the funeral industry and to provide the very best At Need Funeral Financing program to funeral homes nationwide.  This program is designed to help funeral homes provide better service to those families who do not have pre-need insurance or the cash on hand necessary for the services they want for their loved one. Sunstone's program is not a billing service. The funeral home is funded the amount financed up front on a non-recourse basis for approved funeral loan applications.Funeral Financing programs now available

Funeral Financing - Summary of Program

  • Closed end installment loan
  • Term up to 36 months
  • Amount Financed:  $1000-15,000+ 
  • Interest Rates: 14.99%
  • 3 Months 'Same as Cash' available    
  • Affordable monthly payments

When to use At Need Funeral Financing

At Need Financing program will help your funeral home provide better service to your families while at the same time removing the burden of offering finance options in house.  Because this is an unsecured financing program, the family member applying for credit must be credit worthy.  However, the underwriting criteria is not nearly as strict as most prime lenders and will approve prime to near prime borrowers (Mid 600 credit scores and above).  The program can be used to help families in a variety of situations. Here are a few examples.

  • Family can use the funeral financing program to pay for the funeral they really wanted for their loved one.
    •  Let's say a family has $5,000. But the funeral they really want costs $8,000. They can put the $5,000 down and finance the remaining $3,000.
  • A family member has the money, but can't get it together before they need the funeral.
    • No problem. The funeral home can offer families 90 days same as cash for an approved funeral loan. During that period they need to make the minimum monthly payment. If the balance is paid off within 90 days, there is no interest charged to the debtor.
  • A family has the money but would prefer to spread total cost into payments over 2 or 3 years.

How to Use the At Need Funeral Financing Program
The family member applying for credit will complete a provided credit application. Once complete, the funeral director can log into the application platform and input the information provided.  The funeral director will be given an instant decision as to whether the application is approved.  Upon approval, the contract can be printed for the customers signature and processing. At that point services can be rendered.  Once the signed paperwork is received and services are rendered, the funeral home can usually be funded the same business day.  Learn more at

At-Need Funeral Financing option